1. This agreement will only be effective if signed by both the company and the client


2.1 The client must sign and return to the company the standing order mandate authorising payment as specified on the agreement. The payment will be made by the clients’ bank monthly in advance. Such payments will continue until this agreement is terminated.

2.2 The client is responsible for payments to any cleaner used by the client at the agreed hourly rate shown on the agreement (subject to increases due to clause 4.2).

2.3 The first month’s management fee is included within the initial payment. The initial payment specified on the agreement should be paid by cheque prior to any work commencing.


3.1 The company will not forward the standing order mandate to the clients bank until a cleaner has been allocated and payment will commence one month after the first clean.

3.2 The client is responsible for the cancellation of their standing order mandate on termination of this agreement. If the client fails to do this the company will charge an administration fee of £18.50.


4.1 The client is responsible for weekly payment to the cleaner and should agree a mutual arrangement for payment.

4.2 The cleaners on the company register will be due a % increase in wage in line with any % increase in the minimum wage. The client will be responsible for implementing this.

4.3 The client is to provide cleaning materials and the use of a working vacuum cleaner and iron (if appropriate).

4.4 To meet with the cleaner prior to commencement of the service and give full instruction to the cleaner and point out any items requiring special care.

4.5 To advise the company of any change in day of the week or hours required for cleaning within the package agreed overleaf, to enable the company to make the necessary changes to the register.


5.1 We are fully insured for public liability and employer’s liability for up to a maximum of two million pounds. Please note, in order to keep our charges at a very competitive rate, our insurance is subject to an excess of £250 on all claims, for which you would be responsible. The insurance cover is offered to provide peace of mind in the event of any major incidents or damage.

5.2 The insurance policy is subject to a number of further terms and conditions and further details are available from the company on request.


6.1 The company hereby accepts liability in the event of death or injury to any person arising out of negligence of the company or its agents or employees.

6.2 Neither the company or the cleaner will accept liability for bleach products or bleach based products including toilet duck used by the cleaner. Instructions to use these products are at the clients own risk.


7.1 Either party can terminate this agreement only by giving one months’ notice in writing

7.2 For a period of twelve months following termination of this agreement the client will not employ the services of any cleaner who has been introduced as a cleaner by the company to the client. Should the client employ the services of a cleaner introduced by the company without paying the service charge, the company will charge a fee equal to twelve months service charge as shown on the agreement.

7.3 Should the company fail to provide a cleaner within the first four weeks of the agreement, the client may request termination of the agreement and a refund of the initial payment.

7.4 Should the client cancel this agreement during the first eight weeks the initial payments will not be refunded unless the company is proven to be in serious breach, in which case the client may be entitled to a proportionate refund.

GDPR NOTICE: Maids In Waiting will store our client’s and staff details including name, address, contact details including phone numbers and email addresses as well as cleaning preferences, dates and times.

Maids In Waiting will also store details of special requirements including pets and disabilities, furthermore we will also store details of cleans done, cleans scheduled and details of who completed the cleaning. Maids In Waiting may also store dates of holidays booked by our clients and staff.

The data we collect is for the purpose of providing our service, we do not sell data and we do not use a third party to store our data. Maids In Waiting stores all client data on an appropriately protected computer and backs this data up onto an offline storage device in case of problems with that computer.

A copy of the data we store about you can be requested at

Deleting of Data: Maids In Waiting will except in exceptional circumstances such as insurance claims, injury or other unforeseen reasons that we may need to keep in touch with a client/member of staff to resolve an issue, delete our client’s/member of staff’s data one month after completion of our service period with the client/member of staff. Holding data beyond this date will be with the client/member of staff’s agreement to resolve the issue satisfactorily.